Upgrading an Artillery Genius Pro with a spring steel sheet with PEI surface

After accidentally ruining the glas bed of my Artillery Genius Pro I decided to install a spring steel sheet with PEI surface.

What happened?

One sunny sunday I decided that my radiators need to be vented. And as the valve of some radiators are hard to reach, I wanted to print special, small radiator keys, that fit into every niche.

Unfortunately I was printing in PETG - and for some reasons the first layer was closer to the bed than usual. So close that when removing the prints, I pealed of parts of the glas bed coating as well.

The fix

I was thinking about replacing the glas bet e.g. with aluminium one but then I decided to just purchase a magnetic plate that could be glued onto the glas bed. That solution is cost-efficient, easy to install and allows to remove the prints easily from the bed when finished.