Things I learned

Opening my front door with a fingerprint sensor

In this simple project I want to build a box that allows my children to enter the house with a fingerprint sensor. At the same time this project doubles as a prototype for video doorbell with fingerprint sensor that I might want to build later. Prerequisites In my case we are owning a Nuki door lock already: So basically a small box on the inside of my front door that turns the door key when told so via Bluetooth.

Replace Genius Pro Extruder

I broke the hotend of my Genius Pro - and decided to exchange the entire extruder with the “all metal” one. This is a short overview. How it started Some month ago I learned about the new arachne perimeter generator. It is now possible to generate wider or thinner perimeter as it is needed. And I wondered: Will this allow me to print (almost) same quality prints with bigger nozzle sizes?